Christiane Steiner

Tell us about yourself and your work.


I was born in Germany in 1959 and in my first profession I am a master in ceramics, and I used to work there for many years (specific faience an stoneware). During this time I made additionally studies in sculpture, painting and drawing.
I like to use different materials and techniques in my work: lino-cut, graphite, charcoal, ceramics in combination with concrete and wire.
There are some themes I take up repeatedly from time to time: music and dance for example, or my series of china-ink graphics which are entitled with: “Little Creatures and Worlds We Know Nothing About” (“Kleine Wesen und Welten von denen wir nichts wissen”).
I live and work in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart.


1_myself (1).jpg
“Selbst” (“Myself”), graphite on paper, 20×20 cm




Where does the inspiration come from?


Watching the world around me. Especially the plain and inconspicuous things. That could be a stone or a faded flower, old thrown away object or a track. I like watching passer-by or the wrinkles in peoples hands.
My last project I made in an old people´s and nursing home. For a few months I visited the inhabitants, mostly between 80 and an 90 years old and more, talking to them, making sketches and drawings, searching for my theme. At last I made charcoal-drawings of their hands in big size (50x70cm) and on the other side small drawings (20x20cm) of the things which were placed on their bedside tables. I saw a long, enriched life in these hands and a small life on the bedside tables. And that´s what I wanted to show in my drawings.


“Cityroller” (“Scooter”), lino-cut, 40×40 cm



Which is the need of your art?


Serious work, and a bit of humour as well.



“Tanzer” (“Dancers”), china-ink on paper, 21×15 cm



Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.


It´s a lot of time you have to bring up for preparing exhibitions. Sometimes I think it is much more than the artwork itself. A good network can be helpful, also a little bit good luck for to be at the right place at the right moment.



“Unbekanntes Wesen” (“Unknow Creature”), china-ink on paper, 20×20 cm



What does it means the art for you?


It is my profession and my challenge.


What do you think about the art system in your country?


You can have support in the system and you can have success.
But every system has its rules for those who want to be part of it, and you have to comply with or you are falling through.
I think art and rules don´t go well together when you want liberal arts. Every artist has to find his own rules and his own system for his work. And also he has to be able to brake the rules from time to time, to keep himself free.


What is the future of art?


To move on!

“Seltsames Wesen” (“Curious Creature”), ceramics and concrete, 19×27 cm


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