Samuela Scatto

Tell us about yourself and your work.


About me… a brief description only to try to give you a little more information about my underground (better than background). At the beginning, my first study carrier was a technical path arriving to a job as programmer for computer, after I changed completely kind of job (always as employed), but – some time later – I re-began my study carrier, from the beginning again (in the meantime I continued to work), for the art path arriving to a graduate in Academy of Fine Art in Venice.


About my works… the subjects of my works are all around me, usually “objects” that we normally use, that I translate and replace giving them my “underground” meaning.


Where does the inspiration come from?


Each thing has a “link” in our mind, in our soul, in our subconscious that’s why there isn’t an inspiration: each input from outside is an impulse to many others inside ourselves.


"Archeologia del consumo"  – impronte di bustine di tè su gesso – 2009.jpg
“Archeologia del consumo”, bustine di tè su gesso. 2009


Which is the need of your art?


I’d like to answer with a piece from a Italo Calvino’s book “Le Città Invisibili” when Marco Polo say to Gran Kan: “The Being Hell is not something coming in the future, if there is one, the hell is already here now… […].The second way to avoid suffering […] seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the middle of hell, is not hell, then make them endure, give them space”.


Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.


I attended a watercolor course in Sàrmede with illustrator Giovanni Manna… taught in a couple course for children to the Guggenheim Museum in Venice for the series “Art4Family”… attended a couple of collective exhibitions … (in the meantime was born my child Tommaso, six years old … my best creation!)



Elements that appear contiguous can also find the opposites (as in a chessboard …) recombine the search for new possible routes, they are therefore mental reflections that become also ‘physical reflections’, of the mirror. A reality that can be built but also de-constructed, starting from the basic shapes, such as square, and playing, with its repetition, we can find the alteration of what we see and the mirror puts us every time the ‘doubt’ on what is or could be. Rework, on our journey (which did not ‘meta’, but only ‘option’), those who have been, in our childhood (happy or not), or those that are in actuality, our mental constructs looking for a new perception of the world.



What does it means the art for you?


The meaning is strictly connected on what I need when I work on a project, but the meaning for the people who benefits of it … is different …


What do you think about the art system in your country?


…the mirror of our Society…


What is the future of art?


…is the same of human being: a working in progress.


13957519_211646509237979_250396523_n.jpgBy concrete walls and iron armor, which are the foundation of what will be a future construction, unexpectedly it materializes a prehistoric pictograph man with arch. A report drawing immediately to the primal instincts of survival:although are millions of years that separate the two parties, it seems that time has been annulled and it seems that the ‘man suddenly remember being part of nature such as iron and stone and that evidence must be harmonious extension of his Being and not His denial.


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