Mimmo Domenico Di Caterino

We receive and publish the manifesto of the “artivist” Mimmo Domenico Di Caterino, regarding the tight knots between art and politics, with a view of participation and renewal of the cultural landscape of Sardinia, and we look forward to your contributions on the issue.


First point: reshape the cultural and artistic policies of “artists in residence”, working on our own “other idea” of it, and focus on a permanent forum about the state of the art on the island.

In this way, show the works of artists living the problems of Cagliari and of the island, allowing their work to travel from the island to international trajectories.




The artist residencies – the ones with an international portfolio, from the production to the “temporary” time investment – appear robbing the community of its creative residents and do not constitute a real “investment in culture”.

Considering ourselves needing an urgent cultural policy, aimed at materializing other market opportunities starting from the tourist “international” dimension of the island. We must find a public space for contemporary arts of the residents.




Another important point: reopening a “political” table for an Academy of Fine Arts of Cagliari, without which the creative research is just delegated to individuals.

The art produced in the Academies could be great, but generates dialectical alternatives in the century in which it operates.




Cagliari can be an Open Air Museum, a showcase for contemporary creative research, but not only: could be the center of a network node of open-air museums. Cagliari can be placed in a position of dialogue and listening towards creative languages coming from elsewhere, with which build the system networks.




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