Ran Shevi


Tell us about yourself and your work.


I am what you call a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on photography, painting and music. Currently living in Berlin and participating in the Studio Program of the Berlin Art Institute.


Where does the inspiration come from?


Inspiration comes from various places. The main source of inspiration is
observation, both internally and externally. My series of paintings entitled
“Cognifications” reflects an internal observation in which I’m dealing with the sensation from visual and lyrical representations of different biochemical states of consciousness. In addition to that it touches my own personal struggle that I have been dealing with since a very young age, which still dominates my adult life. An external example would be the series of photographs entitled “Come all you Young Men” and “Playground” where I deal with the broader subject of the militarism and the cult of memory or even future memory which is visible all over the country.


Come all you young men


043 (2) Playground_less blue


Which is the need of your art?


I would not be an artist, if I knew the answer to that question.


cognitive landscapes (1)


Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.


Above all I value collaboration. I often try to include works of other artists to
enhance my own work.


What does it means the art for you?


Art is the way of being and it touches all aspects in my life. When I am in an
artistic environment or a creative state of mind art empowers me and equips me with something bigger, something beyond me. A few years ago I was living in London. I was there by myself most of the time and feeling quite miserable as one should, otherwise you are not fully experiencing the city. At that time my best companion was the great poet W.H.Auden. Poems like “As I walked out one evening”, “The More Loving One” and “Death’s Echo” shielded and elevated me, so I was alone but not lonely anymore.


Remains of Hudna


What do you think about the art system in your country?


I have no idea about the art system in my country or in any other place. I don’t really care about it.


What is the future of art?


I don’t think that it is the role of the artist to deal with such a question. I would leave that to the scholars. The artists task is simply to make art.

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