Kate Cuthbert

Tell us about yourself and your work.

I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve always done collage as a personal expression but in December 2014 I was encouraged by friends to enter a competition. Since then, I have been sharing my work through Instagram and Facebook etcetera and selling my pieces as originals and fine art prints. I hand cut all of the elements in my work which I find very cathartic. I can’t imagine my life without it! I make at least one piece every day. I also now have a range of greeting cards, magnets, stickers, t shirts and tote bags under the name Satin&Tat. I sell these at local markets and through Etsy and Great.ly.com

Where does the inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere! My life experiences, my responses to the world. Most often the inspiration comes from the materials themselves. I’ll see an image and it sets in motion thoughts of where I can use it. Taking it out of context and placing it in a new situation or the image may just resound strongly with me and be used to create something beautiful.


Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.

I have only exhibited once so far but have plans to exhibit more in the coming year. In August 2015 I held a solo show called ‘Emergence’ as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival. This was a great experience in curating my work and having it on show to the public. The exhibition was a comment on the different faces we all put forward to the world and featured females emerging from floral arrangements. I also take my work to local markets to sell each week and have had a wonderful response. Collage is not a big artform in Australia yet so it is introducing lots of people to the idea of cutting and pasting as art.

champagne supernova_8x10

What does it means the art for you?

Art means so much to me. It is a form of relaxation and meditation. It is an opportunity to express myself nonverbally, an image can speak volumes.

What do you think about the art system in your country?

I think Australia is a great place to be an artist. South Australia, where I live, is known as ‘The Festival State’ and has an array of art and cultural events throughout the year. This gives established and emerging artists, like myself, many great opportunities. There always seems to be somewhere to take in the art on offer.


What is the future of art?

That’s a big question! I believe art will always be an important part of our society. I serves as a commentary on where we are socially, politically, culturally. It is a necessary extension and expression of who we are.

website: www.satinandtat.com.au

instagram: satin_and_tat_collage

facebook: Satin And Tat Collage


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