Christian Newby


Tell us about yourself and your work.


I grew in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Its a navy town but also a seaside resort town. Eventually I left and went to Glasgow to study my Masters and then went to London, until recently moving to Madrid. Although at the moment I’m on a three month residency in Buenos Aires.




The things I make are initially coming from more formal ideas, thinking graphically, link in painting or design. But that sets the stage for other issues and discoveries normally. I use and glean off a lot of interdisciplinary practices such as in applied arts and graphic design. I’m always looking at point in which value changes between art and craft and whether or not that relationship can be bridged or is still some kind of clunky sleight of hand always performed by artists.


Orangina Clock


Where does the inspiration come from?


I usually look in my direct environment. The domestic interior is a big motif that floats amongst much of the work or at least its intentions. I’m always feeling like I need some convincing as to why I’m making this or that or how to talk about. Should I try and exhaust the shit of it with heavy reference or should I let it play and exist more gently like a quick drawing or haiku or something like that. In any case, I try to use ideas that come from my direct living space or to imagine those of others. I feel that all the social and political and formal intentions I have for making art lie somewhere in this space. At least for now.


Brother Clock


Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.


I’ve been in them. Not much generally to say except that I like doing them. Maybe that will change. Yes. That will probably change.


Pots w_Ana


What does it means the art for you?


I generally have an impulse to make things. The work I do allows me to produce things that are considered fine art and perform as such and other things I do are less complicated, such as carpet making. I do this for exhibitions sometimes too but I’ve been trying to get my studio set up to also just make bespoke carpets for people. The ultimate goal for me is to be able to keep making things everyday for a living. For some this is easy and obvious but I don’t always find it that way.




What do you think about the art system in your country?


Problematic like any other these days. Better than many and worse than others. It can certainly make a difference on the way a community of artists value art and how they choose to engage it.


Party Time I


What is the future of art?


I’m not sure. Sounds like a question for an economist.

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