Stefano Cagol


Tell us about yourself and your work.
One thing characterizes my life and is present in my work: the borders. I was born in Trentino South Tirol, on the border with Austria, an Italian region partly German speaking; I grow up in Switzerland, and studied in Toronto in Canada, two nations that connects different official languages and cultures. Recently I had the studio in Brussels in Belgium, hardly divided between Flemish and Walloon convictions, and worked a lot in the Arctic on the extreme boundary between human and ice, between Norway, Finland and Russia.


TBOE – Kunsthall Bergen, Landmark.


Where does the inspiration come from?
My projects are time- and site-specific. This means that I’m always interested in what happens around me, in society, the highlights of media, the landmarks, the symbols of a moment, the collective convictions, the contradictions. When I did my first traveling project, there was the main fear about bird flu spread out by the propaganda of media, the fear of pandemic, nobody eating chicken, all western nations buying a worthless antiviral. For the 1st Singapore Biennale, I crossed the island during the International Monetary Fund meeting with a van diffusing a mix of anthems of G8 nations and Eastern (and former colonies) countries. Invited to participate in the Maldives National Pavilion at Venice Biennale in 2013 I decided to bring to the lagoon an Ice Monolith from the Alps and leave it melting in Riva Cà di Dio in front of the passers-by. The glaciers disappearing that raise the water level overwhelming the Maldivian islands in the next 50 years. Ice and sun, Alps and Maldives connected by the same fate.


TBOE in Paris


Which is the need of your art?
Through art I want to communicate. This is a condition sine qua non. I don’t do art for myself, I always think about the public. Indeed the artwork is an opportunity to better understand our time and future. Thinking about the means, I use all I need to express my idea, no limits, from video to installation, even if I don’t use to paint till now. Indeed art is based on facts, but is also a vision, and giving shape to my personal vision I apply an aesthetic approach.


The small boat. Danmark


Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.
Actually I’m mainly working with museums and public commissions, I win awards and artist in residence, my artworks are in public and private collections in Italy and Europe. I worked with commercial galleries and exhibited at the fairs in the past, but actually I’m not represented. My actual solo show in Berlin (Nov-Dec, 2015) is by a new venue, CLB Berlin Collaboratorium, an initiative for the productive interaction of contemporary art, cultural studies, urban development and creative economy. It is located in the Aufbau Haus in Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg. At the same time in Berlin I’m artist in residence at Momentum International.


Border Norway – Russia


What does it mean the art for you?
Art is without compromise. I do it 24 7 all year long, I live from art, I decided not to teach, just to do it, always. No vacation, can you take vacation from your life? This doesn’t mean that I create all the time, because actually a part of the job is also the pure communication…


Venice biennale


What do you think about the art system in your country?
Working a lot abroad in different nations I learned to identify the good and the bad aspects of every system. In Italy there isn’t a well structured art world, but in Trentino South Tyrol and Tyrol there is a good network of contemporary art museums and I interacted with them, I talk about Mart Museum, Galleria Civica in Trento, Museion in Bolzano, Kunst Merano Arte, Kunstraum Innsbruck. Many Italian museums have been involved in my last project: “The Body of Energy (of the mind)” has been hosted by Maxxi Museum in Rome, Madre Museum in Napoli, Maga Museum in Gallarate.


What is the future of art?
Art can aim at having a strongest role influencing current moment.

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