Alexander Davidson


Currently I am a data scientist living in Bangalore, India, a
long way from home. I’m at home in Los Angeles, California, doodling
geometric shapes since I can remember. My particular pieces don’t
have a lot of meaning, but as a whole they speak to how I felt growing
up: Not satisfied with the banality of reality, preferring absurdness
over sensibility. This is especially evident in some of my more
cartoonish pieces like “Gum-Drop Savannah” and “Butterfly”. Some of my
pieces have a more serious and darker theme of course. “Good Hands”
tries to make sense of the 2008 financial crisis from the view of a
teen who had little understanding of what was happening at the time.
“Expletive” tries to capture the feeling of being stuck within ones
own reality, frustrated and bored.




My inspiration comes from stream of consciousness and a need to play with lines as well as a need to include many balanced colors.


The need of my artwork is to keep my own mind occupied. Mostly


I try to stay away from symbolism and deeper meaning, trying instead to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that only hint at a theme.




My experience in art fairs and exhibitions is extremely limited. I really only have participated in high school.


Melon Head


To me, art is about release of the ideas inside of your mind
that are hard to express in words. Art has been a very therapeutic
process for me in this way.




Art in the United States is hard to break down in a few
sentences. It is so varied across cities and states. The art scene has
always been a big part of the fabric of Los Angeles culture, but in
recent years it has been expanding even more. With the opening of the
Broad museum just last month the future of art in LA is very bright.


As for the future of art in general I think that with more
access to media and the interconnectedness of people due to the
internet, it will be more feasible to make a living as an artist
selling pieces off of Etsy and other similar avenues. Of course this
is a great thing as it will incentivize all types of people to create
more and express themselves more.

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