Vera Bruggeman


Tell us about yourself and your work

Making art is important to me, it makes me happy and I want my work to inspire people creative and happy.


Where does the inspiration come from?

My inspiration is the nature, the love and my life.


Which is the need of your art?

I don’ t know yet, maybe the future will tell, I hope to inspire people.
Tell us about your experiences in art fairs, exhibitions and others.

I do not like art fairs and exhibitions but they are a prerequisite to be a successful artist, so therefore I participate in that, but I prefer to keep myself only with making art.


What does it means the art for you?



What do you think about the art system in your country?

Art is a symbol of freedom in development and thinking. Creative people are
born but unfortunately hampered by the current education system in the Netherlands





What is the future of art?

Art must keep people on their toes




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